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Anmol Agarwal

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About Me

This is Dr.Anmol Agarwal I am a medical student pursuing MBBS from KGMA (Kyrgyz State Medical Academy) under Russian federation. I provide service as a medical consultant likewise as physician.
I started my journey 4 years ago with Ankit Tiwari, we had no idea where we are going we just flew to the Russia for our medical graduation to be a good doctor with the aim to serve India It's been long time but we are still together stick to our goal, Me and Ankit Tiwari also planning for our own Hospital but it will take time.
I am the person who is consistently growing myself and takes time to continue learning even though it is not a direct requirement of the job.  I find that many times it’s a combination of what you study both directly and indirectly related to work.”
I am modest and hard working and I consistently sets firm goals for myself. Then, once I’ve defined the benchmarks, I always take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones.
I follow my rules, by which i am able to control a situation rather than have a situation control me. Every day I work to improve my skills, which is part of maturing and becoming better at what I do.