We Need to know best skincare and haircare tips in winter :- Easyilaaz Health and wellbeing pvt. Ltd.

We already know Winter is here! And, our skin and hair require some extra care to look good and shiny . Glowing skin and healthy hair give one confidence and inner happiness . Also, it is worth giving time and energy to your appearance to look Good . So, here our Easyilaaz health and wellbeing are giving you some tips that are helpful to keep your skin and hair healthy:

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1. We must have to use a Good Moisturizer :-

We need to moisturize our skin to prevent dryness . We must have to use a cream-based moisturizer if the skin is too dry; look for humectants, dimethicone, and ceramides in the moisturizer as they help retain moisture and keep the skin barrier intact and look's shiny . Moisturizing the skin prevents the skin from dryness, damage, and itchiness and all other problems related to skin.

2. Never Forgot to use sunscreen:-

Even on deep grey winter days do not forget to apply your sunscreen. It is too important to apply sunscreen even inside the home as it is to apply on a bright sunny day and other days . We already know that UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and window panes and still cause damage. Moreover, sunscreen protects from the blue light that is emitted by electronic devices like laptops and phones and all other devices . We need know for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 40+ and PA rating +++ on all exposed body areas and other body parts.

3.Always keep your hair dry completely :-

Even though hot showers seem comforting during winter but never use hot water for hair wash. Always Use lukewarm or cold water to rinse the hair. Always make sure using a good conditioner to avoid flyaway hair during dry winter days. Avoid using too many heat appliances.

4. Always Have a balanced healthy diet and keep yourself hydrated every time:-

No doubt , one needs to have a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables of different colors and optimum water intake. Sometimes when skin tends to be very dry in winter, include food and supplements that contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids like fish or flaxseeds, antioxidants like green tea, and turmeric. A balanced diet provides essential nutrients to the body which are required to support the skin in its protective functions and take care .

5.always Take care of the hands, feet, and lips too , it's important:-

Do not forget the chapped lips or dry hands and feet. Wear gloves and scarves and care thing . Always use lip balms to prevent chapping of lips and apply moisturizers on feet and hands soon after the bath. Keep your bath time short. No matter how tempting and relieving those hot showers seem, too much time in hot showers can dehydrate skin and strip off natural oils from the skin.

Always Keep glowing and keep healthy!

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