Professionals who are indulge in providing services regarding teeth. This word dentist came from Greek root word ''dent'' which means tooth. They examine teeths using dental instruments and X-rays. Our mouth contain lips, tonsils, teeths, tongue, palate and uvula.

Here are some functions of parts of body which is seen by our dentist :-

  • LIPS:- For intake of food and drinks
  • TONSILS:- For halt on entering of germs
  • TEETH:- To chew food proper with the help of Saliva
  • TONGUE:- Tasting of food
  • PALATE:- for closing of nasal passages
  • UVULA:- prevent food and drinks to enter in nose.

Dentist helps us to generate superior oral health care. They use to perform Dental treatments which contain:-

  • Implant
  • Extraction
  • Denture
  • Sealant
  • Veneer
  • Composite
  • Bonding
  • Crown
  • Scaling
  • Amalgam

While providing instructions and counsel they help us to find out an easy way to cure problem timely. Our teeth consist of upper teeth and lower teeth which includes further as incisors, canines, premolar, molars, maxillary arch and mandibular arch. Generally people doesn't aware about these minute parts of our buccal cavity.
There are several gum diseases like plague or biofilm, inflammation, gingivitis, periodontics, etc.
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