Family Physician

Family Physician, an impactful word that strike in our mind directly. This word is coming from Latin and Greek. Physic stands for natural science. A person who is specialized in providing absolute health care. We are here to work on solutions that how to provide you optimal medication. As we know that general physician should be the first person to saw if you're I'll or not. General practitioner or physician are all rounder they know many things in there medical field. They aren't specific doctor who are expert in a single organ systems, they have a knowledge of almost every department of medical. If the problem is serious or you need to there is any need to prefer specialist then they'll recommend for further diagnosis. They are also know as family doctor or primary care physicians.

Physician cure diseases are 

  • cough and cold
  • headache
  • ear infection
  • stomach ache
  • Hypertension
  • blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • Muscle ache
  • joint disorders
  • mental health

These doctors are usually involves in laboratory test like CT scan, ultrasound, x-rays, Blood test, ECG, eye test, TSH ,etc. Medical test is a source of confirmation that whether patient is dealing with a problem or not. After analyzing reports, disease are almost confirmed. If that particular case need specialists then he immediately assign to specialist.

Specialist stands for one who are experts in their work. Various type of professional are there in a medical field like gynecologists', dermatologists, cardiologist, neurologist, dietician, orthopedic, etc.

Following work will done by our team.

  • appropriate examine
  • prescribe medications
  • analyzing medical history of patient
  • interpret diagnostic test if needed
  • consultation regarding prevention and diet

Our Team contains highly trained and qualified medical officer. Easyilaaz provides you a team of medical experts as per your convenience.