Person who cure diseases related to child. The word pediatrics comes from Greek and Latin pais means "child" and iatros means "doctor, healer". Paediatrician are the voice of children and very good combination of specialism. Also they have to learn about lot of various things and about the whole body. that's how it all interacts together.

Kids are great in all aspects like :-

  • They makes us laugh
  • Always excited
  • Enthusiastic
  • Fun all around
  • Create Cheerful environment

But how's that feel when they're not healthy, it's too tough to handle what a newborn baby is trying to say or sometime they become irrigating. So for this we need Paediatrician They look after health issues in newborn babies, adolescence or children upto 16 year old. Well being of child is crucial. Large part of work is neurodevelopment of children.

This whole spectrum of childhood illness consist of problems like:-

  • feeding issues
  • sleeping difficulties
  • development and growth
  • social interaction difficulties
  • when babies don't stop crying
  • communication issues
  • immunization
  • frequently urine
  • indigestion
  • lack of nutrition

Reasons behind medical issues like allergy, asthma, skin problems, constipating, urinary infection are some serious diseases at this growing age. It is necessary to go through Paediatrician as they are experts in analysing what type of problems they are going through.

What exactly Paediatrician do:-

  • Conversation on avoiding certain things
  • Gives wise suggestions
  • prescribed medication by doctor
  • Analyse History of new born baby whether any treatment is going or any type of issues.
  • Detailing of child habits like proper sleep or proper eating.
  • Discussion on difficulty as what baby is facing currently

As mother knows that Babies are so delicate they should have special attention and protection. Easyilaaz goes to the bottom of problems and find out the best solutions.